Only one can live on in INFAMY

The seas beckon and glory awaits. A name will live on even while bones turn to dust. A pirates worth is only measured in gold. So raise sails and ride the wind to discover lost treasure or take it from ye enemies through smoke and blood.

A board game for pirates

Infamous Seas is a tabletop board game where you take on the roll of a pirate captain trying to carve their name in history. You'll manoeuvre your ship across an ocean full of islands, where you can loot and plunder to your black hearts desire. But watch out, not only is there Navy ships patrolling but other pirates roam these seas with the same dreams.

You'll need to be clever in your tactics to outwit your enemies and masterful in your sailing to outrun them.

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How to play

Below is a video to help you get started playing Infamous Seas. It has everything you need to know from setup to the basic rules. If you find yourself in a tricky situation where you're not quite sure how a rule should be applied check out the Youtube playlist which will have some different scenario's played out for you. If you still can't find an answer send us a message.

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Official Spotify playlist

To really get the mood going we've compiled a list of pirate themed songs that we definitely recommend you play as background music during the game.

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